KSA Business Setup FAQs

Business Setup in Saudi Arabia, one of the largest business hub among GCC countries, is the best option to grow your business power or enhance your business. And you all may be confused about the procedures and the steps for KSA business setup – SAGIA. So many question may disturb you if you start to plan for it. Here is the solution for this. Go through the frequently asked questions for business setup in KSA.

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You can establish your company in MISA (Ministry of Investment) previously known as SAGIA  if you already have an established existing company overseas which is at least one-year-old.

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PRO Services in KSA

PRO services are professional document consent services. These documents are from the ministry of government that are mandatory for the formation of a company in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, our PRO Services in KSA play a significant role when you want passport clearance, business licenses, immigration, trademarks, certification and copyrights.