Issuance of new anti-cover-up regulation strengthens sanctions, narrows sources of cover-up

Riyadh, August 19, 2020, SPA — The Ministry of Commerce stated that the new anti-cover-up regulation approved by the Council of Ministers today contributes to restricting the sources of cover-up and eliminating the shadow economy, and includes heavy penalties of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to five million riyals. The regulation contains mechanisms to protect the identity and data of those who expose cover-ups by not including them in the case file, and rewards them with a percentage of up to (30%) of the fine collected after the verdict is issued and has gained final status. The regulation contains proactive measures to prevent the occurrence of cover-up crimes and penalties the most important of which are the seizure and confiscation of illegal funds of the perpetrators of the crime after final court rulings have been issued against them.

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